Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro a Mallorca

caveOn the last day of our journey we traveled to the Joan Miro Museum in Palma. Here we met the grandson of the great artist/surrealist/dadaist who accompanied us around the facility. The building that Miro had built as his studio/working space is left largely intact from the day he died. Paint jars opened, brushes strewn about, paintings half finished. Aside from his painting studio there are special areas where he conceived and completed his sculpture work.  Jane and I agreed that the facility was among the most spiritual places we had ever been. One could feel creativity in the air. Perhaps creativity is the breath of God.

I believe the attached image to be both a contradiction and a confirmation. Miro pushed his art to the edges of creativity.Yet when I look at this picture I see  20,000 year old drawings and figures one might expect to find in the Lascaux Caves in France. But I also see the beginnings of what is to become great 20th century “modern” art. I call this picture “Cave Drawings at the Miro”

Lincoln Williams

A Great Journey

briefsFrom Boston to New York to Madrid (missed a flight) to Palma. Two Montserrat professors of the highest order, 8 students of extraordinary ability, one professional photographer (trained at Montserrat – where else?) and two retirees. All searching for the perfect landscape, a bit of adventure and of course the meaning to life. Given the location and the leadership, the first two were easy. How could you go wrong in a place like Mallorca? The third posed a slightly more difficult challenge. But after several days search, Jane discovered at least part of the answer hidden inside the walled city of Alcudia. For those who have oft wondered, “Boxers or briefs?” Briefs it is.

Lincoln Williams


BridgetMahan_oranges01 copy

I have never tasted anything as delicious as the fruit and vegetables in Mallorca. These oranges were so fresh that the skin came off with one peel. They were as juicy as they look.

Photo by Bridget Mahan, ©All Rights Reserved

On top of Alcúdia 

One of my favorite spots while we explored in Mallorca.  Sitting on the walls that surrounded Alcúdia while staring off into the moutains was by far one of the most memorable parts of this trip. I felt so at peace while the rest of the Island went about their business and all I had to worry about was myself. 

Photo by Veronica Palermo 


Day One: First View


December 28th, 2016 was our first day in Mallorca. I have never been out of the country before so I had no idea what to do or expect from this trip. When we (Ron, Veronica, Lynnett, Karen, and I) reached the top of the mountain of Monti-Sion this was the first full experience. The mixture of thoughts and feelings were basically bewilderment and excitement. I had never seen  a view like this before, it was a bonding moment. Ever since this moment, the first 10 minutes, I fell in love with this island and the gift of travel.

Photo by Bridget Mahan, ©All rights reserved.



Roaming around Alcúdia I noticed some of the streets were lined or covered with vegetation. Mallorca is lush with trees and plants I’ve never seen before, like from a fairy tale. The day we were there it was very quiet on the side streets, it was 4 pm and cloudy. Then I spotted this teenager down the road unlocking his bike, going about his day. I wanted to capture how different the atmosphere was compared to America, because nothing in this photograph resembles where I’m from, it’s too relaxed and full of (healthy) life.

Photo by Bridget Mahan, ©All rights reserved.